Cass County Missouri is located in the west central part of the U.S. sate of Missouri.  The county seat for Cass County is the town of Harrisonville, Mo.  Organized in 1835 as Van Buren County, the county was renamed in 1849 after U. S. Senator Lewis Cass of Michigan.
In the 2020 census, the population of Cass County was 107,824, an increase of over 8% from 2010.

Cass County History

Burnt District History

The following is an excellent historic overview of the many towns and places within Cass County.

Towns and Places

Your home could be considered a historic building by the National Register of Historic Places! This guide serves as a Missouri-specific manual to the historic place application process.

MO Guide to the NRP
Check out this slick ride! Starting in 1936, the Fleetwood Chevrolet Co. was a part of Cass County History in a big way for more than 60 years. Although the business was sold in the mid-1990s, the founder's son, Ed Fleetwood, donated the car that served as the premier dealership's trademark in hopes of preserving the memory of the business started by his father, Claude Fleetwood, and the history of Cass County. Currently, this 1936 Chevy business coupe is on-display at the Kansas City Auto Museum.

KC Auto Museum
Did somebody say treasure?! That's right, a mysterious lost treasure is located right here in Cass County. In an October 1879 article published by a once-prominent newspaper press, Cass County Times-Courier, it was detailed that Spanish Conquistadors, fleeing from massacre by the natives, buried their gold and silver (nearly 11 tons worth!) in a last-ditch effort to save their fortune. More information on the subject can be found through Legends of America. ¡Dale, mis amigos!

Legends of America: MO's Spanish Treasure